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ATA Flash Card Overview

ATA Flash Memory Card employs an ATA controller chip and flash memory technology to maximize the capacities for mass-data storage. Its solid-state structure offers very high data transfer capacity and is also a perfect storage solution for portable applications. The true plug-and-play function provides an easy access to transfer data from mobile devices to desktop computers. The Non-volatile design requires no battery and external power to keep up data stored while a system crashes or power fails. In addition, the rugged mechanical layout can tolerate shock and vibration.

With those characteristics, ATA Flash memory Card is a perfect design for handheld PCs, Notebooks, mobile digital devices, embedded systems and telecom applications.



  • PC Card Type II size
  • Fully compatible with PC Card ATA standard
  • Host transfer rate up to 16.6MB/sec (Burst, PIO Mode 4)
  • Automatic wake up from power-down on host reset or command write
  • Rugged mechanical design, low power consumption and lightweight
  • Non-volatile storage, Solid-state reliability, and noiseless
  • Powerful ECC capability
  • MTBF>250,000 hours in a mobile environment
  • Minimum 1,000,000 Erase Cycles
  • Minimum 50,000 insertions
  • Both NAND and AND type flash memories are available
  • True Plug-and-Play
  • Support Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, Macintosh OS & OS/2


Available Capacities

8MB, 16,MB, 32MB, 48MB, 64MB, 96MB, 128MB, 160MB, 192MB, 256MB, 320MB, 384MB, 512MB, 640MB, 768MB, 1GB, 1.28GB, 1.536GB(Unformatted)

Length 3.42"(85.6mm)
Width 2.16"(54.0mm)
Thickness 0.2"(5.0mm)
Weight 1.128oz(32.0gm)

Operating Voltage

Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature 0℃~60℃
Humidity Under 95% RH
Vibration Resistance Maximum 15G
Shock Resistance Maximum 1000G (operating and non-operating)





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