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CompactFlash Memory Card Overview

CompactFlash Memory Card is the latest technology for high-speed data storage. It is divided into two types by dimension: Type I for 43mmx36mmx3.3mm, and Type II for 43mmx36mmx5.0mm. Both types have 50 pins and conform to ATA specifications. The size of CompactFlash Memory Card is only one third of a full-size PC card, which facilitates portability of data storage. Its true plug-and-play function allows high performance but low power consumption. Besides, a solid-state feature may eliminate mechanical seek and rotation time. It also provides high access performance and very high data transfer capability. Meanwhile, a non-volatile design does not require battery and external power to maintain data stored while not in use.
With a variety of capacity, nowadays, CompactFlash card is widely used in handheld appliances, such as digital camera, PDA, notebook PC, GPS, and MP3 player.

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