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  CPU Daughter Board

Witek developed the first CPU Daughter Board in 1989 and successfully transferred PGA to PQFP. In the past ten years, Witek has become a leading designer and manufacturer of CPU daughter boards. Now Witek is announcing the latest Dual Interposer, which is an ideal design to upgrade a motherboard to comply with two CPUs in one board.


Dual Interposer Overview
Taiwan Patent No. 121834

Dual Interposer is an FR4 PCM (Personal Computer Module) design, which connects two 360-lead CBGA PowerPC microprocessors and a 288-pin PGA. It structures individual backside L2 cache devices, and integrates MPC750 and MPC7400 (MPC7410)** bus interface for symmetric multiprocessor architecture. The Dual Interposer provides 1M / 4M bytes with 150MHz on L2 cache interface and 100 / 133 MHz 60X system bus.

The additional power supply filtering on the processor module consists of a PLL voltage supply (AVdd) which is filtered on the PGA PCM, and a Core voltage supply (Vdd) which is filtered on PCM. The former is close to the processor and improves the noise immunity, and the latter can reduce voltage variations.

The PCM signals determine both the selection of processor voltage and the self-identification of module type. They can encode and control the power supply modules directly. Furthermore, a Four-voltage-ID-pins design has the ability to select operating core voltage from 1.3V to 3.5V and to encode in order to match industry-standard power-controllers. For encoding simple modules, there is another 3-pin design available.






  • MPC7400 (MPC7410) or MPC750 compatible
  • 512K-1MB / 1024K-4MB Back-side Cache
  • 255PGA Foot Pin Compatible
  • Up to 366Mhz Operation
  • 100 / 133 MHz External Bus
  • 200 / 233 MHz on Module Cache Bus
  • Fast Development Cycle time with less
  • PCB Layout Issues


MPC750 , MPC7400 and MPC7410 are designed by IBM , APPLE and Motorola.





 Length:   3.2"(8.128mm)
 Heigth :   1.78"(4.5212mm)
 Thick:   0.1"(0.254mm)

 *Dimension of the bare PCB

  • The length of pin: 0.16"(0.4064mm)

 Operating Core Voltage

  • 3V to 3.5V


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