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  ATA Flash Card
Memory Modules   Memory Modules
Witek Stacked SDRAM Registered DIMM is built with patented proprietary technology to accommodate extended density on a single DIMM slot space.
Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM is the latest Memory Module technology approved by Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC).
CPU Daughter Board   CPU Daughter Board
Witek developed the first CPU Daughter Board in 1989 and successfully transferred PGA to PQFP.
DSP Modules
  DSP Modules
Witek Digital Signal Processor (DSP) module is a 144pin SODIMM package, which consists of Motorola 56303/56307/56311 DSP and SRAM (except Item 8D144).
  FlashChip Disk
FlashChip DISK is a flash-memory-based device for mass data storage.
  ATA Flash Card
ATA Flash Memory Card employs an ATA controller chip and flash memory technology to maximize the capacities for mass-data storage.
    Ram Module Bare Board       TrainBus


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